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23 Field Regiment RAA

2012 Transition


The year 2012 turned into a year of transition for the Regiment. In September the L119 Hamel Light 105mm Gun departs and is replaced by the 81mm Mortar. This will happen at both of the Sydney Reserve Artillery Regiments, each stepping down to a single Battery each and placed within a Reserve Infantry Battalion, 'under command for administration'. However each battery will have 2 of the older 105mm M2A2 Guns, combining these to fire salutes. The White Lanyard will be retained and 23 Field Regiment retains the 'Trobruk' hatbadge. This leaves no Gun Batteries, Regular or Reserve, in NSW, the birthplace of Artillery in Australia.

Not to be daunted 23 Field Regiment had a very good attendance at the Sydney Anzac March in April, followed by curtain fall events for the 105mm Hamel Gun in June. A live firing exercise at the Singleton Range on the weekend 2/3 June, followed by the Queen's Birthday Salute in mid June, in this Her Diamond Jubilee Year.

The following pictures are courtesy of 23 Fd Regt RAA Association member Ron Weewan.

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Anzac Day

The Association Banner led by CO LTCOL Warwick Young
  & Association President Barry Willoughby  
followed by

serving members &

Association members

then the re-union at the Rugby Club
June LFX
Under camouflage nets
Command post
Setting for line
Fire for effect
Association members interact with serving members.
Queen's Birthday
The Guns
The composite Band
Detachments march on
Take Post